Coronavirus Community Support Hub: East Riding

Coronavirus Community Support Hub: East Riding

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Published on 9:46 am Tue Sep 29th, 2020 in Training, Development & Careers Boost your digital business skills

FutureLearn and Digital Boost partner to upskill small businesses and charities, and to boost the UK’s economic recovery. Read more…

Published on 2:37 pm Mon Sep 28th, 2020 in Training, Development & Careers Job Vacancy: Catering Manager (Moorlands Goole)

The charity is currently undergoing a period of exciting change and we see the new role of a Catering Manager very much at the fore, leading improvements in the catering business side of our charity, as part of our Senior Management Team. Read more…

Published on 11:05 am Sun Sep 27th, 2020 in Training, Development & Careers TEDx presents: How to Hack Time to Be Happier & More Successful with James Wallman

Since he introduced the concept of ‘experientialism’ in his 2015 international bestseller, Stuffocation, James Wallman has been trying to answer this vital question: ‘Since we now know spending on experiences rather than stuff makes us happier, which experiences lead to the most happiness?’

After consulting with leading scientists at Princeton, Stanford, Harvard, Cambridge, Tokyo, NYU, MIT, the LSE and many more – James distilled decades of their insights into a highly practical 7-point checklist that all of us can use to be more creative, resilient, successful and happier.

In this talk – one of James’s typically energetic, inspiring, interactive events – James will share the 7 secrets to spending your time in ways that lead you to be happier and more successful. Read more…

Published on 4:02 pm Fri Sep 25th, 2020 in Health & Wellbeing TEDx presents: How Sleep Can Improve Your Immunity with Matt Walker

One of the best things that you can do to boost your immune system is head to bed, says sleep scientist Matt Walker. It can even make your flu shot more effective! Read more…

Published on 7:30 am Fri Sep 25th, 2020 in Funding & Financial Support Updated today - Regional / National Coronavirus (COVID-19) Funding Snapshot - (pay close attention to application deadlines!)

The funding sector has rallied during this unprecedented time of Coronavirus. Here is a snapshot of key, 'live' funds, targeting a different range of not-for profit organisations and beneficiaries, at the frontline of the crisis.

Please be aware, that all information is collated and published in good faith. However, we strongly advise that you check eligibility and guidance details before applying to any specific grant. Read more…

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