Coronavirus Community Support Hub: East Riding

Coronavirus Community Support Hub: East Riding

COVID-19 Isolation Drinking : Connection Thinking

Published at 9:00 am Mon Jun 8th, 2020

COVID-19 has brought more stress into all of our lives. It is likely that you have found yourself feeling more anxious or finding it hard to relax? Perhaps you have started drinking more to counteract these feelings. East Riding Public Health have launched an awareness campaign to help reduce the risk of people slipping into lifestyle choices that might effect their health and wellbeing.

COVID-19 has increased stress for all of us all 

We are living through times of change which can be very unsettling. It's easy to drink more than usual whilst we're social distancing and unable to see some loved ones. The desire to drink can go up if you are feeling worried, stressed or lonely. However, using alcohol to relax and relieve anxiety can mean that you start to use it more and more.  

By switching Isolation Drinking to Connection Thinking you can maintain your health, drink less and stop harmful habits from forming.  

Use your phone or smart device to reach out and make connections with people that you trust. Stay safe by being mindful of your alcohol use.  

Isolation Drinking 

Drinking more?  

You may be drinking more than usual whilst social distancing. Around 1/2 of UK drinkers have used alcohol to feel better or forget about problems.  

Feeling Anxious or Worried?  

Alcohol works by slowing down your brain. This makes feelings of anxiety, worry and sadness worse. Especially the day after drinking.  

Finding it hard to relax?  

Drinking helps relaxation for a short period of time. This wears off quickly, making you want more. It can soon become difficult to relax without alcohol.  

Difficulty Sleeping?  

Poor sleep affects your mental health. Alcohol disrupts the quality of your sleep and can make you more tired.  

Connection Thinking 

Physical distance not social distance  

Use your phone to make connections with people that are close to you. Video chat, text and talk about how you're feeling. Click here for more health and wellbeing information.  

Use your Imagination  

Be creative with alcohol-free and low-alcohol alternatives and juices.  

Connect the numbers  

Measure your units and keep track of how many drinks you have.  

Take care of yourself  

Rest and sleep well. Try a soothing bath or gentle music to help you to relax.