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25 Family Activities at Home (Source:

Published at 4:50 pm Wed May 6th, 2020

The Childhood Beckons blog offers adventures in play and parenting. See below for their 25 top family activities that could be a saving grace at this time of lockdown.

This family fun list, featured in the popular blog Childhood Beckons read more here offers some ideas to keep things interesting at home as we wait for the lockdown to lift.  

1. Cook dinner as a family. Work together on one dish, or split up the dinner (and dessert) and work side by side to create a yummy meal you can all be proud of.   

2. Go camping. In your living room! Push aside all of the furniture and set up the tent right there in the living room. Or grab your sleeping bags and sleep under the stars- the glow in the dark kind!   

3. Game night! A classic and a staple of any family night routine. Play a tried and true favourite, let each person pick one game for the family to play, or even have a marathon!  

4. Learn something new. A new skill. A new card game. A new recipe. Read together on a subject that interests you all or watch a documentary. So many possibilities.   

5. Movie night! Make it special. Lay on some blankets and pillows in the floor, or cuddle up on the couch. Don't forget the popcorn and treats!  

6. Have a read-a-thon. Take turns reading from your favourite family friendly books. Younger children could look at the pictures and recite the story from their favourite picture books, or just enjoy being read their favourites.    

7. Set up an obstacle course. Let each family member plan a part of the obstacle course. Jump from couch cushion to couch cushion. Crawl under the table. Or take it to the backyard! Then take turns running through it. Who has the fastest time? Hand out silly, hand-made medals to every participant or compete for a grand prize!   

8. Family art night. Work together on one masterpiece or see what each person comes up with separately using the same medium. You could even set up a family art gallery.  

9. Take a trip down memory lane. Look at photo albums and watch old family movies. Reminisce together about the years past.   

10. Video game night. Indulge in some screen time and play some favourite games. You can also rent new games for many consoles from  now.  

11. Build a fort. Gather all of your cushions, pillows and sheets for a fun fort indoors. Or get creative outside. Don't forget the flashlights!   

12. Photo booth night. Use a sheet for a back drop and set out lots of props! Take hilarious pictures.  

13. Fun with puzzles. Tackle a huge jigsaw puzzle together as a family. Or teach younger children the art of putting together puzzles with one containing less pieces.  

14. Write a story. Choose characters and discuss the plot. Take turns telling parts of the story and write it down! You could even illustrate! Or save that for another night. ;)  

15. Go on a scavenger hunt. Great fun for indoors or out!  

16. Have a family slumber party. Everyone wears their pjs, eats way too much junk food, and stays up a bit too late having fun. Sleep in the next day!  

17. Act out your favorite story. Rehearse and perform!  

18. Music night! Dance or sing along to some fun music. Or form a band and make your own music with homemade instruments.   

19. Ice cream sundae night. Put out lots of ingredients for amazing ice cream sundaes. Build your own and share your creations.  

20. Plant a garden. Whether it's food or flowers, there's a lot of fun and satisfaction to be had working in the garden.   

21. Candlelight night. Do everything by candlelight! Not just dinner.  

22. Stargaze. Make wishes. Look for the constellations or make up your own. What do you see? And don't forget to go out and watch some of the many meteor showers we have each year!   

23. Celebrate the small stuff. Use any excuse for a party! Celebrate the successes and events of everyone in the family, no matter how "small".   

24. Play outside. Get outside and have fun in your own yard as a family. Play Frisbee, fly a kite, or play some classic childhood games like "red light, green light." Toys are not required! Or play in the dark!  

25. Play hide and seek. This is such a huge hit among kids, but the adults can have a lot of fun too!   

What family time activities does your family enjoy? What would you add to the list?